CGSG Executive Board Seeking Nominations

This spring, we have a few vacancies to be filled for the executive board of the Cultural Geography Specialty Group. The positions are each two-year terms, except for Secretary/Treasurer, which was vacated when Dr. Emma Walcott-Wilson graciously stepped forward to serve as interim Chair last year and Dr. Ola Johansson agreed to return to the Board as interim Secretary/Treasurer. The open positions (see descriptions below) are:

  • CGSG Chair
  • CGSG Secretary/Treasurer (One-year term)
  • CGSG Awards Director
  • CGSG Graduate Student Representative (One position available)

If you wish to nominate yourself or a qualified individual for these vacancies, please notify me at on or before March 2, 2023. Include contact information for your nominee as well as a brief paragraph describing their suitability for the position. All nominees will be asked to confirm their willingness to run ahead of the election. Elections will occur online March 8th-22nd, and results will be publicly announced at the annual CGSG Business Meeting on March 26th. All CGSG members are eligible to vote and serve in any position (membership is $6 or $2 for students). We ask that only graduate students be nominated for the graduate representative positions, but graduate students may also serve in any other board position.

Following previous discussions of the CGSG Board and broader membership, we would particularly encourage nominations and self-nominations from BIPOC or other underrepresented faculty members as well as from more senior faculty members. 

Description of positions, as stated in the CGSG Bylaws, that need to be filled:

The Chair will be responsible for: a) chairing the annual business meeting; b) together with the Secretary/Treasurer, the compiling and editing publication of one CGSG Newsletter each year; c) submitting to the AAG office, by 31 May of each year, an annual report of the activities, finances, and immediate objectives of the CGSG; and d) providing general stewardship for the members of the specialty group in all matters while promoting the discipline of Geography in general and cultural geography specialization in particular.

The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for: a) receiving and dispersing all funds of the CGSG; b) maintaining an up-to-date list of all members of the CGSG; c) keeping minutes and presenting a financial statement of the CGSG at the annual business meeting; and d) together with the Chairperson, the publication and distribution of one Cultural Geography Specialty Group Newsletter, prior to the national meeting of the AAG.

The Awards Director will determine methods by which recognition will be given for major contributions to cultural geography. Currently there are four awards that are determined on an annual basis: M.A. Paper Award, Ph.D. Paper Award (The Terry Jordan-Bychkov Award), M.A. Research Grant, and Ph.D. Research Grant (The Denis Cosgrove Award) and the Adjunct/Underemployed Faculty Conference Travel Grant. Criteria for and history of those awards is included in Appendix A of the CGSG Bylaws.

The Graduate Student Representative will be responsible for engaging student participation in the specialty group, managing the group’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and, based on sufficient interest, organize and chair at least one student-only paper session at the annual AAG meeting and help to meet the needs of the students presenting papers or engaging in research. Additionally, the Student Directors will, at their discretion and availability, encourage paper sessions at regional meetings under the auspices of the CGSG. Traditionally, Grad Student Representatives have hosted a CGSG Breakfast paid for by the CGSG. In addition, Graduate Student Representatives will organize a Photo Exhibition and competition where the winning photo(s) will undergo review for publication. All AAG Meeting attendees are invited to these events. Appendix B lists the guidelines for the Photo Exhibit and Competition.

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