2017 and 2018 winning entries of the CGSG Photo Competition

Message from the Chair

Hello! As the current chair of the Cultural Geography Specialty Group, I am absolutely thrilled to welcome you to our official website. Being a part of the CGSG both as a graduate student and now as a faculty member has enhanced my own journey in becoming a cultural geographer and feeling connected to our community, and I hope that our website helps you feel inspired to engage with the CGSG and even become involved in our initiatives!

As cultural geographers, we are engaged in a wide variety of fascinating work that helps us discover the interconnectedness of culture, space, and place. In my own research on the cultural geographies of science fiction, I remain ever-inspired by the work of Rob Kitchin and James Kneale and consider their edited book Lost in Space: Geographies of Science Fiction to be my personal reference for “doing cultural geographies.” Considering the diversity of theories, literature, and topics we engage with in our unique area of study, it is my hope that we can share these resources with each other and create a strong, engaged community around the pursuit of cultural geographies. 

– Hannah Gunderman, Chair (2021-2022)
Cultural Geography Specialty Group


The Cultural Geography Specialty Group (CGSG) seeks to promote and encourage scholarly research and superior teaching in the field of Cultural Geography through the exchange of current thought, trends, and information focusing on all areas of the field. The CGSG shall encourage, facilitate and sponsor the organization of paper sessions and discussion panels at national and regional meetings of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) as well as other seminars, symposiums, and conferences at which themes relating to Cultural Geography are discussed. The CGSG will also reward junior scholars by hosting paper competitions and awarding research grants. The CGSG will stimulate dialog and represent members in all matters related to membership in the national association (AAG).

Current Executive Board

Interim Chair 
Emma Walcott-Wilson
The University of Central Oklahoma
Interim Secretary/Treasurer 
Ola Johansson
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Nominations Director 
Mark Rhodes
Michigan Technological University
Awards Director 
Christabel Devadoss
Middle Tennessee State University
Program Director 
Josh Merced
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Past CGSG Chair 
Matt Cook
Eastern Michigan University
Graduate Student Representative 
Katrina Finkelstein
West Virginia University
Graduate Student Representative 
Adam Regula
Kent State University