AAG Annual Meeting

The American Association of Geographers 2023 Annual Meeting will take place March 23-27, 2023 in Denver, Colorado. We’re eager to continuing to build a curious, creative, and diverse community of geographers, and invite all interested individuals to participate in our future programming both within and outside the annual meeting.

Cultural Geography Specialty Group
2023 Keynote Session

Stardew Valley is a role-playing and farm simulator video game released by sole creator Eric Barone (online alias ConcernedApe) in 2016. This paper aims to apply an infrasecular (della Dora 2018) lens to the analysis of sacred spaces in Stardew Valley. Della Dora’s (2018) work on infrasecularity stresses the layered nature of sacred spaces. Different belief systems may be present in a single sacred space that interact with each other over time. This paper analyzes the game’s magical ritual spaces, as well as spaces dedicated to reverence of in-game deity “Yoba.” Methods include auto-ethnography, narrative analysis, and content analysis.

Cultural Geography Specialty Group Business Meeting

Hybrid Delivery – In-person and Virtual Participation Available
Click here to attend virtually during the session timeblock

Sunday March 26th | 11:45AM – 12:45PM
Tower Court D, Sheraton, I.M. Pei Tower, Second Level

Cultural Geography Specialty Group Social

Hosted by the CGSG Graduate Student Representatives

Sunday March 26th | 4:15PM
Yard House at the Sheraton Downtown Denver

AAG 2023 CGSG Sponsored Sessions

A sincere thank you to session organizers and chairs for their organizing and recruitment efforts for this year’s meeting. On behalf of the Cultural Geography Specialty Group, we are honored to serve as a session sponsor and support you and your participants through this year’s meeting. We look forward to your continued engagement with CGSG and consideration for session sponsorship at future meetings. For questions regarding CGSG programming, contact Program Director Josh Merced at jzmerced@uncg.edu.